Friday, 24 July 2015


I've been learning so much int he first few weeks of my photography course for GCSE and I thought I would share a couple of photos I've taken/edited. I'm also going on a cruise to Norway tomorrow and I'm obviously going to take photos so I'll share them with you when I'm back.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Oh, am I showing to much skin? I'm so sorry.

It's currently pm and is thundering, lightening and also raining outside. I'm also supposed to remember lines for some crappy end of term English drama play. It's really stressing me out because we have to learn these lines off by heart by tomorrow. This is supposed to be a fun end of term thing but also seeing as I also have to learn a 200 word Spanish assessment that could potentially go towards my final GCSE, I'm not finding it so fun. If I had a nice teacher I would explain that it's putting extra pressure on me and other who are also taking the exam but she would literally scream at me and saying I'm not putting enough effort in. I'm fine with doing drama and having my script with me would be so much better.

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged for a little while and I have a valid reason. My reason is that I don't want to have endless amounts of meaningless posts that mean nothing to you or me. Sometimes I have 10 ideas spinning round in my head but sometimes I have none. Lately I've been preoccupied with exams and other things but I have been meaning to write this for a little while and I want to write it now as a way of stress relief.

I've often heard of how girls are supposed be covering them-self up because of men. Even the other day we had  non-uniform day and my English teacher said something that made me so angry. She said 'have you seen all these girls prancing around in crop tops, I mean who do they think they are?'. It's making me angry as I write this and I'm finding it difficult to make what I write make sense.

What is wrong with showing skin? They may have worked hard to get to a point where they and comfortable and happy within their own skin. If companies sell crop tops what is your reasoning behind me not being able to wear one? Oh is it awkward for the males? Oh I'm so sorry.

Girls can wear whatever the fuck they want.

If I want to show something of my body, and I mean my body then I will.

It's also annoying when boys point out something like, I can see your pants. Yes, well done I, like many many other girls are currently wearing pants. I also wear a bra so you may be able to see my bra strap, god forbid.

Instead of teaching girls to cover up maybe we should teach boys to treat girls with the respect they deserve and stop degrading us and looking at us like we're fucking sex objects. Get the fuck over it and maybe look at my face instead of what's below.

This doesn't apply to all boys. Most boys are lovely and some of my closest friends are boys. Just the narrow minded fuckboys.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Technology Obsessed.

Why are we all so technology obsessed? We have been labelled the 'technology generation'. We're getting more and more reliant on technology; but how far is to far?

Google maps, social networking, iPhones; we've grown up with it. But is technology stopping us from really living? Is social networking making us actually less social? Instead of communicating we are becoming increasingly dependent on the latest tech to entertain us. I'm no different.

I've realised lately that I need to stop using my phone so much. If I'm going for a walk to the beach I will leave my phone at home. Spending time away from the glare of the screen s good. Go sit on a beach and watch the waves without wanting to snapchat it. Just experience it and don't document it. To be perfectly honest; no one wants to see what you're having from Starbucks.

It actually felt like I was being weighed down with the constant communication with people. Being able to text someone within seconds is good but with that comes pressure.

Pressure to get liked, pressure to be in group chats, pressure to be as good as the other girls.

Use your phone to enhance your life. Don't forget about the real world.